wie zijn wij

Debby Caroline en Bart

The van Bemmels, father, mother, son and daughter, born and bred in Leiden have long had a dream of running their own campsite. Reopening camping du Chateau has made our dream come true.

Bart and Caroline have always loved “la douce France” For many years we enjoyed various regions in France , then in 2009  we found this location, here, in  Gerardmer in the Vosges for a holiday home . Soon we were  itching to start a campsite in this green region.

It is in here where every season has its own charm that we wanted to live and work.

Bart has worked as a dental technician for over 30 years and now wants to work out of doors. For several years Caroline has worked with Bart as a receptionist. She too loves the outdoor life  and will be able use her creative skills on the campsite.

Jimmy is a motorbike fanatic like his father and he feels at home in the Vosges with its hills and hairpin bends.. He trained to be a ship’s carpenter so he is an accomplished handyman. Since 2015 Jimmy is living in the Nederlands. 

Debby, our daughter, loves  the outdoor life too. She spent two seasons working  as a trainee on a campsite in France and she graduated at the Vacansoleil College of Leisure Hospitality in 2013. She is Accompagnateur Tourisme Equestre since 2018 and she is allowed to organise horseriding tours in the forest.